ftxPBrowser for Windows Mobile 2003

1) Multi tab window.
2) Save image to file.

1) Windows Mobile(TM) 2003-based Pocket PCs.

Not supported.(I'm working on it now.)
1) Download of file by link.
2) Simply view.
3) Save typed history.
4) Edit of favorites.
5) Not handling in the frame.
6) Adjust paging do not work.

How to install.
Copy the ftxBrowser.exe file to your PocketPC.

Support bbs.

2004/01/16 <Version 0.1e> New
1) Bug fix, Redirection problem.
2) Change tabs color in progress.
3) Reuse the closed window.
2004/01/12 <Version 0.1d>
1) Bug fix, some memory leak, overflow and check.
2) Delete context menu from button setting.
2004/01/05 <Version 0.1b>
1) Extra->Add favorite menu support.
2) Bug fix, Can not close favorite view.
2004/01/02 <Version 0.1a>